Old Hall Films

From The North

Old Hall Films is a production company based in Manchester and north Dublin, which makes high quality content with international appeal but a northern soul.

Old Hall Films is a CE50 company.

Proud of who we are and where we come from, Old Hall Films is a multi-media production company based in Manchester and north Dublin. We make high quality  drama and documentary films and TV series aimed at national and international markets.

Storytelling is what we are about, ones that capture the imagination and win audiences. Since we started trading in 2019, we have produced nine short films, completed our first feature film Wait for Me, co-produced a documentary series Trauma and Legacy for TG4, and have numerous other films and TV series in development. We work with a mix of established talent and emerging voices and are always keen to hear from new writers.

We embrace diversity and innovation in the rapidly changing world of drama and documentary for multiple platforms.

Old Hall Films is one of Creative England CE50 companies to watch.

Keith Farrell

Managing Director

"The Man With The Plan"

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Margot Douglas

Lead Producer

"The Lady Who Keeps The Show On The Road"

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Menna Morgan

Production Coordinator

"The One With The answers"

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Thea Burrows


"The Woman With Her Ear To The Ground"

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Thandie Ndlovu


"The Rising Star"

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Wait For Me

When her gangland boss ups the stakes, a young woman makes an ally in a troubled stranger and together they escape her life of vice. When she learns the whereabouts of the child she gave away, her choice is made.

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It Got Me In November

Emma is convinced a mysterious parasite is taking over her body and mind. Her sister comes to visit with the hope of helping Emma out of her depressive episode.

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The future is bleak. The Regime is absolute. Even the suspicion of guilt makes you culpable.

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Parents Together Forever

Four parents in lockdown hell get together over Zoom – but with each of them lost in their own little bubble, they couldn’t be further apart.

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The Sun Is Up Forever

On a hot summer's day, a young daughter seeks to soak up the sun but finds her thoughts are preoccupied with her mother at home.

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Another Happy Ever After

A mother who takes refuge in stories, realises that she must get rid of her prince charming to create her own happy ever after.

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Girl Alone

Short Film - Released March 2019. Official Selection 31st Galway Film Fleadh.

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Rabbit Punch

Released - January 2017. Winner Best Short Film Omaha International Film Festival

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The Last Command

1922: As British forces withdraw from the Irish Free State, three war-weary soldiers are deployed to an abandoned army base with a sinister past.

The Lock In

Keith Goodman is a wronged man. He's lost his kids, his house, his playstation...oh, and his wife. Keith hatches a plan to share his plight with the world and so begins a night that sees pub landlor's Cath and Steve in a lock-in like no other.

From Sunderland With Love

Two Bond fans hit the road to get the last remaining autograph for their collection. Overcoming agoraphobia, family secrets, and the murder of a chicken, as they go in search of that elusive autograph, in this hearthwarming comedy.

A Canoe for Christmas

A lovable Irish Dad, out of work and out of cash, in a comic battle against the odds and the elements to get his son the thing he wants most for Christmas; a canoe, with two seats! It’s A Wonderful Life meets Waking Ned meets Dumb and Dumber!


When his only friend goes missing during a cross-country race a young boy must overcome the malevolent force living beneath his town, and those who worship it, as he attempts to rescue him. 


A young Afro-Caribbean Irishman fleeing gang warfare in Manchester searches for a new life in rural Ireland but his past comes back to haunt him when former gang boss tracks him down.

Somewhere Called Home

Two sisters separated as children but united by grief after their father's suicide fight to save their family's home from destruction.

Scotland Road

The Duffy family, a Liverpool-Irish criminal cartel have been kings of Liverpool’s underworld for decades. When the family's eldest son is killed they find themselves surrounded on all sides, in a battle for survival.


When a devoted hooligan gets banned from her beloved football club, she sets her sights on the local women’s side, with plans to shake things up from the stands.

The Season of the Witch

A six part supernatural drama telling the story of the Pendle Witch trials.


A Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) is a person who has gained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) in England and Wales. NQTs have one year to prove themselves....It’s all or nothing.

Jubilee Nurse

To be a nurse in any era is tough, but to be a nurse operating wilds of of rural Ireland in 1919, was not just challenging it was downright dangerous.

Here (For Now)

Sarah, a young woman, travels from Canada to Ireland in order to spread her grandmother’s ashes. After nearly drowning, she awakens to find she’s now stuck in 1963.

Jogi: Homeless at Homeland

In the slums of Kabul, community representative Sabir Kolabi fights to secure a brighter future for his people, the Jogi. He supports Afsana, the first girl from his community to attend high school but with the arrival of the Taliban she faces a ban on education and the denial of their existence.

The Wind Beneath the Stones

A journey into one man's quest to revive the ancient Irish tradition of stone lifting.

  • Trinity House, 114 Northenden Road, Sale, UK

Due to huge number of submissions we receive, we do not accept unsolicited scripts. We will however be happy to read short pitches and respond accordingly. We are a small company so please bear with us as it may take us some time to respond to your message.