Hooliganism is all RAE’s ever known. Being the only girl in an all-male football firm and raised by a single dad whose religion is Stockport County F.C., Rae was taught to light a flare and have a rival fan on his arse by the time she was 10. Now, at 18, RAE is determined to be the rowdiest supporter in the stands. But her world comes crashing down when her antics land her a lifetime ban from Stockport County club. It’s a devastating blow for Rae, who’s only ever wanted to make her infamous hooligan dad proud. Just when Rae thinks her dream is over, she unexpectedly discovers local women’s side, Levenshulme ‘Levy’ Ladies F.C, and their small crowd of devoted supporters. The atmosphere couldn’t be more different to the noisy terraces of Stockport County, but Rae’s struck with an idea. Her new plan: introduce hooliganism to women’s football and be the leader of the first all-female firm in the country.

Grounded but heightened, with moments of quiet reflection and high octane, fast paced action, HOOLIGANS, at its core, is a series about a daughter desperate for her father’s approval. It is anchored in searing truth of working class Northern life, made joyous with the development of friendships and propelled forward by the humour of football fan culture extremes. As we laugh at Rae’s attempts to ignite and reinvent hooliganism in a world she’s not used to, the series also sets out to interrogate the successes and struggles of contemporary female football.