Wait For Me

Wait For Me  - https://www.waitforme-film.com/

Staring Karen Hassan, Elva Trill, Aaron Chobham, Neil Bell, Theo Ogundipe & Sean McGinley

Alison is no girl-next-door. Lost in a life of crime, she’s longing to escape but can’t see a way out. When she meets Sam, a damaged soul with a troubled past, he opens her eyes to the fact that life can be a beautiful thing, if you meet it halfway. Alison realises that if she doesn’t make some changes, she isn’t long for this world. Together Alison and Sam hit the road in search of the daughter Alison feels she abandoned years earlier. Plagued by grief, Sam keeps his demons at bay just long enough to help Alison realise she is not a product of her circumstances. But, the dangers Alison has grown accustomed to, her abusive father Ged and her violent pimp Max, are never far behind. However, the connections she makes on her journey forces her to realise she needs to rid her life of these evil men for good. Wait for Me is a story about empowerment, featuring one of the strongest female characters ever committed to screen. Set in Halifax, Yorkshire, it tells a story of the kind of people on the margins of society, yet underlines that even when a life seem lost and hopeless, it can be touched by a moment of grace that changes everything.

Wait for Me will have it's world premiere at the Manchester International Film Festival on 11 March 2023 - to book a ticket for the screening click here - https://maniff.com/

We will have further news about our cinema release in the spring.