From Sunderland With Love

Barry and his daughter Ursula are James Bond fans. They just need Pierce Brosnan’s autograph to complete their entire Bond collection. Brosnan is making a public appearance 200 miles away. There’s just one snag: Barry is agoraphobic. Ursula is desperate to get her Bond autograph, but she couldn’t possibly leave her agoraphobic anxiety-riddled dad home alone. After an uncomfortable argument with him, losing her job and being dumped, she goes anyway without telling him and he is left under the supervision of Ursula’s polish friend Pren. There is just one problem, Pren is rubbish with secrets. He immediately tells Barry that Ursula is on her way to meet Bond; driving a borrowed vintage car that can’t go more than 30 mph. Ursula’s worst fear becomes a reality as Barry decides to follow her.

From Sunderland, With Love is a heart-warming, coming-of-age comedy revolving around a low-income father and daughter duo. These characters are relatable; their lives aren’t aspirational but they are important. The difficult subjects broached in the script are presented in a warm and funny way, and always rooted in the bond (no pun intended) Dad Barry and daughter Ursula have. The film is also a British road movie. Instead of the iconic landscapes seen in American road trip films, we will be driving slowly through the backwaters of the UK experiencing equally iconic British vistas such as being stuck behind a tractor on a busy road, and staying in a slightly creepy seaside bed & breakfast.