Here (For Now)

Here (For Now)

a 6 x 60 minute Comedy/Drama Series.

A former nurse and med school drop out, Sarah used her medical knowledge to create a hugely successful Health and Wellness App. Her business partner, and lover, is threatening to leave her and steal her business from under her. When her one confident in the world, her Irish born grandmother Bridget dies, Sarah is bereft.  Sarah is determined to fulfill her grandmother’s last request and spread Bridget’s ashes on the Blasket Islands -- a group of islands off the South West Coast of Ireland, where Bridget was born. The islanders were forcefully evacuated in the 1950s and Bridget hoped that one day, she would return.  Rashly, Sarah boards a plane for Ireland and heads for Dingle, the largest mainland town close to the Blasket Islands.  

In Dingle, Sarah rents a small boat from an old fisherman, Mícheál Óg, who claims to remember a young Bridget before she emigrated to Canada. Sarah heads out to the Blaskets and is met with a sudden storm. Her grandmother’s ashes fall into the water and, in an attempt to retrieve them, Sarah falls into after them.  Close to death, she is rescued by a farmer and his daughter.  They bring the unconscious Sarah to the local doctor. 

When Sarah awakens, she begins to suspect that she is no-longer in 2018 and that the young woman sitting by her bed -- the same one who rescued her -- is her grandmother Bridget, only now, she is eighteen. Furthermore, the doctor believes Sarah is the long awaited Jubilee Nurse sent from the Queens Nursing Institute school in Dublin. In a time when medical care was an expense few could afford, Jubilee Nurses were district nurses, that cared for the poorest in their communities. Before she could say anything, remarkable, old fisherman Mícheál Óg (who looks identical to his 2018 self) verifies Sarah as the Jubilee Nurse. Sarah slowly begin to attune to her new reality -- like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Sarah needs to figure out why she has woken up fifty years in the past and how can she get home. To confuse matters even more, Sarah keeps blacking out and recalling events from her former life in 2018.  She realizes that these memories will help her navigate life in the past...and sometimes, lead her astray…

Aside from Sarah, Mícheál Óg, the batty fisherman, is the only one who is aware of the time travel. It’s unclear if Mícheál Óg reallyexists but he helps Sarah navigate 1963. He is brash, loud, and often says things that are inappropriate, speaking through allegories and long-winded metaphors. Early on, he tells Sarah that if she realigns the past the way it is meant to be, she will find her way home…