It Got Me In November

It Got Me In November

The story explores mental health in an intimate and raw manner, using a parasite on Emma’s finger as a device and a way to outwardly reflect her internal emotional state.

Sisterhood and vulnerability are key themes running throughout. Once Jade (Emma’s sister) becomes aware that Emma has slipped into another depressive episode, she comes to her aid without question. There is a bond between sisters that is incredibly powerful. Jade helps Emma to regain her identity.

The film’s structure follows Emma making small progress with the support of her sister over the course of 3 days, minimising the depression’s influence.

The ending shows her gaining a bit of control over the depression but doesn’t show a full recovery. At the end of the film Emma takes more control over her situation. Her sister shifts from the motivator to her backup, ultimately it is Emma that chooses to fight and take a proactive step. The parasite and the depression become a character throughout the film, influencing Emma’s behaviours, acting as a “physical” barrier to wellness.

It Got Me In November will be filmed in June 2021