In Development

A Moment Of Grace

When her gangland boss ups the stakes, a young woman makes an ally in a troubled stranger and together they escape her life of vice. God help anyone that gets in her way.

A Canoe for Christmas

A lovable Irish Dad, out of work and out of cash, in a comic battle against the odds and the elements to get his son the thing he wants most for Christmas; a canoe, with two seats! It’s A Wonderful Life meets Waking Ned meets Dumb and Dumber!

Taking The Picture

A priceless painting that was bequeathed to Ireland by its late owner hangs in an English gallery. Two plucky Irish students plot to steal it back.

Snaking Flame

A young woman has no choice but to confront her sister’s husband and his mother about the truth behind her unexplained death in a kitchen fire.

Here (For Now)

Sarah, a young woman, travels from Canada to Ireland in order to spread her grandmother’s ashes. After nearly drowning, she awakens to find she’s now stuck in 1963.

Jubilee Nurse

To be a nurse in any era is tough, but to be a nurse operating wilds of of rural Ireland in 1919, was not just challenging it was downright dangerous.

Somewhere Called Home

Two sisters separated as children but united by grief after their father's suicide fight to save their family's home from destruction.


The Bookie O'Neill a revolutionary turned gangster is under attack as a new rival challenges his dominance on the streets.


A young Afro-Caribbean Irishman fleeing gang warfare in Manchester searches for a new life in rural Ireland but his past comes back to haunt him when former gang boss tracks him down.