The Wind Beneath the Stones

The Wind Beneath the Stone is a feature length/two part documentary about obsession, but in a good way! Dave Keohan is obsessed by stones, finding them and lifting them. He hopes that in doing so he will revive a lost tradition in Ireland and in doing so spark a new understanding of our folklore and tradition.

Going by the moniker on social media, “Indiana Stones”, Dave Keohan has become an international sensation, hundreds of thousands follow his quest to find the lost lifting stones of Ireland. His followers avidly follow his adventures as he researches these stones among ancient manuscripts and oral histories, crosses bogs, climbs mountains and hacks his way through overgrown graveyards, in search of these stones. When he finds them, he lifts them, often being the first person to do so in a century. This seemingly normal man, is on a quest to revive what he believes to be a facet of ancient Irish culture, Stone Lifting. 

The Wind Beneath the Stones is currently in development with RTÉ