The Story

12 Nov


Girl Alone follows a non-linear narrative in which we move back through the timeline of the Girl in four different scenarios as they slowly reveal her dark past. 

The first scenario introduces the Girl in a derelict flat, having just escaped from unknown pursuers. Once she catches her breath she treats a wound on her face, then collapses onto a bloodied mattress, while faint sirens are heard in the distance.

In the next scenario, it is revealed that the pursuers are the police. As she is running away from them, she diverts into a dark alley-way and trips onto the concrete. The fall is what caused the cut on her face. 

The third scenario shows the Girl high on a bank overlooking the city, the Girl is covering a hole in the mud, although what lies beneath is unseen. As she covers the final bit of soil she cries to herself and then leaves.

The next time we see her the Girl is heavily pregnant, serving cups of tea to herself and her boyfriend in a domestic kitchen. He is angered by the fact there is sugar in his tea, threatening the girl before leaving the room as the Girl to cleans up the mess he makes. 

The final scene shows the Girl in her bedroom as she makes a snap decision to leave. She packs her things in a backpack and retrieves a hand-gun from under the mattress. As she finally speaks, she makes a final protest before leaving the room, seconds later a gunshot is heard. 

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